The whole Divers of the Dark thing started in 2004. We were invited to dive the Molnár János cave beneath the city of Budapest. We took a few pictures and wrote an article about the trip. A publisher saw the story and got interested. Soon we were on the way back to Budapest with an underwater photography team. As a result, we published a book we titled as Divers of the Dark. The title soon stuck as the name for the whole diving team.

Over the years, our team has consisted of many members. Some of them are no longer active, some have joined along the way. Some dive at sea, others in caves. The common nominator is a passion for technical diving. And telling the stories of discovered wrecks and uncharted underwater caves.

Our operations have developed into professional film and still photography productions, and not just underwater. Nowadays we can produce full-scale film productions, including storytelling, content creation, and post-production. Whether an article, film or still, we can make it.

The continuity of our operations is based on long-lasting content partnerships. As conditions vary a lot in underwater filming and photography, we can't rely on a single day of shooting. Instead, we build content libraries that can be utilized in quick cycles required by marketing. Every time we go on an expedition or just to film at different locations, we produce material for future use, not just the shots at hand.

We have done projects with non-profit organizations, commercial operators, and the biggest diving equipment manufacturers. So we know how to organize your project. Our team is well networked among the leading recreational dive industry professionals. We are well connected with the top equipment manufacturers, diving locations, narrators and dive operators. This way we can offer you uniques access to resources that would otherwise be hard to find and combine. 

We have the capability to dive in cold waters or the tropical seas, deep or shallow. We have developed our techniques among a tightly knit filming team, making productions efficient. We are the development partner for Scubamafia, the leading filming light manufacturer, just to name an example.

These pages are home for stories from our various projects and expeditions. The tales are not just about us, but about all the adventurous divers we meet and work with. As storytellers, we want to share some of the unforgettable moments and discoveries these divers have experienced.

If you want to participate in the discussion, please visit us at Divers of the Dark Facebook pages and drop a note. Or watch the videos in Divers of the Dark YouTube channel or in Vimeo.

For further information, you'll find our contact information here.