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Suunto EON Steel

Suunto EON Steel is a next generation Dive Computer. Our group has been involved in the process from the very beginning, from the beta interface testing to ongoing field tests of coming updates. Biggest involvement for us has been producing the images and marketing material for the campaign.

We’v been filming and photographing EON Steel during period of two years in Orda cave in Russia, Lofoten Islands and Strømsholmen in Norway’s Atlantic coast, Plura cave in Northern Norway and latest in Adriatic Sea and caves in Croatia.

Sch-311 Кумжа

The Finnish listening station on Kallbåda records under water explosions 14th September 1942. Lieutenant Erkki Palosuo’s Tupolev SB-10 naval bomber is soon sent to find the cause.

Meanwhile on the Gulf of Finland, a Soviet submarine crew is working desperately. Their boat has hit German anti-submarine mines. The explosions have not been powerful enough to sink the submersible, but they have caused considerable damage.

Palosuo’s bomber reaches the area. Machine gunner Kalle Ahvensalmi soon spots a submarine, which is making an emergency dive. Palosuo drops the depth charges, presumably sinking the submersible.

Mikhail Ivanov

Mikhail Ivanov

Small boys often choose cars or trucks to be their favorite toys. The first drawing Mikhail Ivanov ever did was a submarine. Wrecks have been Mikhail’s passion ever since. As the early drawing suggested, he is especially interested in submersible war machines lost in the fog of war.

Finding wrecks and recreating their histories is Mikhail’s specialty. Despite his young age, Mikhail has years of research behind him. He has located tens of wrecks, most often with the help of Finnish, Russian and German archives.

Ojamo Lime Mine

Imagine sub-zero temperatures and a hole in the ice. That is your entrance to the underworld of Ojamo, the most popular diving site in Finland.

Ojamo lime mine is situated 60 kilometers west of Helsinki. It attracts thousands of visits every year. The mine area is part of the city of Lohja, known for its industry. The mining operations were started in the 1800th century. When the open pit got too deep, mining was taken into the tunnels.